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Unleash your villainous side in upcoming astrological-inspired cosmic JRPG Virgo vs The Zodiac!

As Virgo, also known as “the Dreadful Queen,” players bring mayhem to the Zodiac realms in sci-fi/fantasy JRPG Virgo vs the Zodiac, and leave a trail of stardust along the way to satisfy the obsessed villain’s excessively righteous worldview. Brazil-based indie game developer Moonana has launched a funding campaign to coincide with the astrological calendar’s Virgo Zodiac season and help raise $18,500 for completing development of the game for PC.

Virgo vs The Zodiac combines Moonana’s love of JRPGs and RPGs such as Disgaea, Earthbound and Devil Survivor Saga with her past experience working as an Astrologer. With pixel-based graphics in the spirit of many of the category’s best JRPGs, players carefully guard, counter and time actions and try to predict foe’s actions to advance through the game’s tangled and unforgiving environment. Colorful characters presented in the game’s vibrant visual style each represent Zodiac signs and take on important roles throughout Virgo vs The Zodiac.  Player choices matter in both story and character growth, providing for extensive replayability.

Fig began presenting projects to the company’s Backstage Pass program, which is a small self-selected subset of subscribers from the 100,000+ public newsletter, who are granted private access before campaigns go live to solicit feedback from the community. Virgo vs The Zodiac earned 40% of its funding goal before today’s public launch through the Backstage Pass program.