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Consortium: The Tower Launches on Fig

We here at Fig are excited to announce our latest crowdfunding campaign, for the new title from Interdimensional Games (iDGi) – Consortium: The Tower. It’s the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2014 title.

Consortium: The Tower is a first-person science fiction simulation set within the hyper-futuristic Churchill Tower in the heard of London, England, in the year 2042. Acting as Consortium Officer Bishop Six players re tasked with a hostage-rescue mission that quickly becomes something much more. Players can choose to fight, sneak, explore, or talk their way through an interactive story driven by their own actions and decisions.

After the game’s Kickstarter campaign didn’t manage to reach its campaign goal earlier this year, iDGi brought the project to Fig to give the game the potential to achieve wider exposure and garner more funds by posting rewards and investment campaigns to fund this project on

The campaigns for Consortium: The Tower are a great illustration of why independent developers should choose Fig for their fundraising campaigns. Like other crowdfunding platforms, gives developers access to reward-based crowdfunding from fans. What’s more, starting with Consortium: The Tower, Fig has decided not to take any percentage of the money raised in the rewards-based crowdfunding campaign (some crowdfunding platforms charge a 5% transaction fee, and an additional 5% platform fee). After the credit-card processor takes out its fee, about 97.3% of these funds will go straight to the developer.

In addition to rewards-based crowdfunding platforms, Fig also gives developers access to equity crowdfunding from investors and game fans who want to participate in the game’s potential success by buying Game Shares™. This opens up a previously untapped new fundraising channel for the developer.

The lead investor in iDGi’s investment campaign is Dr. Greg Zeschuk. Developers will know “Dr. Z” as the co-founder of Bioware and developer of a multitude of seminal RPG hits like Baldur’s Gate, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. Investors in this campaign will be investing alongside Dr Z, who will also be purchasing game shares with the same business terms.

For more details on how our crowdfunding platform works, check out our blog post on this topic. And if you have any questions, send us an email at and we’ll explain any aspect of the process.

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