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Invest in Psychonauts 2, crowdfunding campaign now live on Fig!

We’re excited to welcome Raz and friends to the Fig family! Last night, Double Fine Productions CEO Tim Schafer announced Psychonauts 2, the sequel to the genre-defining cult classic, at The Game Awards in Los Angeles.

Key Art - Psychonauts 2

The crowdfunding campaign for Psychonauts 2 went live on Fig last night and the thing we’re most excited to share is that for the first time ever, anyone can invest in a video game title (that means you!*). Our goal in launching Fig was always to open up investment to the broader public, and now it’s here so check it out!

Not sure about investing? You can still support the game as a normal backer and still get some cool rewards in return! In less than 24 hours, and with much time to spare, Psychonauts 2 had already generated 40% of its goal – that’s more than $1.3 million!

Still want more? Let Tim do the talking:

Visit the Psychonauts 2 campaign page, become an investor and stay tuned for more updates!

*Restrictions apply.

Fig went to Day of the Devs and Played ALL THE THINGS

This past weekend, our friends at Double Fine hosted their third annual Day of the Devs, a celebration of indie games wrapped inside of a cool Dia de los Muertos-themed day-long event. After a billion years working on gaming events I’ve developed a condition wherein if I hear someone needs help at an event I must appear (It’s a thing. Really).

Below are some highlights from Day of the Devs. Check it out:

An inadvertently artsy silhouette of Tim Schafer opening the show


Our friends at Mobius showed off the latest build of Outer Wilds. (Spoiler alert: It is awesome and people are gonna love this game when it’s released!)


The show was packed! Look at all these humans!


Other highlights included watching how much fun people had while playing Cuphead (seriously this game looks amazing), playing Rising Thunder, and battling it out in Gangbeasts.
If you’ve got some favorite games or photos from Day of the Devs, share them in the comments!

Fig @ IndieCade 2015

Khahil here! I’m Head of Community over here at Fig it’s great to meet you. This past weekend Fig headed over to IndieCade to celebrate indie games, connect with friends and developers, play games, and did I mention play games?

If you’ve never been to IndieCade before, it’s an event truly focused on independent games and their creators.

I thought I’d share with you some of our team’s favorite games from IndieCade. Check them out!

Johan (Backend Engineer)
Broforce by Devolver Digital
Yeah bro
Take all the so-bad-they-were-good 80ies action movies and NES platform games, throw them in a blender and out comes Broforce. If you actually put VHS cassettes and NES cartridges in a real blender, then you will have created a mess. Shame on you.

Justin (CEO, aka THE BOSS)
XING by White Lotus Interactive
It could make for a cool VR experience if they figure out locomotion, however it already looks like the next evolution of Myst, so I’m just as excited to play it on PC.

Khahil (you know who I am)
Fabulous Beasts by Sensible Object
The most fabulous of beasts
They’re beasts, and they’re fabulous. A physical / digital stacking game which affects the world in game? I want more of this. I even made sure to snag a sticker from the booth to remind me of it.

Fiona (UX Designer)
Butt Sniffin Pugs by Space Beagles
Pugs gotta pug
I’d seen the game before, but this was the first time I’d seen the pug butt controllers, it’s adorable! Also, you play as a pug.

Cindy (Operations)
Classroom Aquatic by Sunken Places
Dolphin cheating, it's a real problem.
Thank goodness for VR, which makes it possible for you to become a dolphin who must cheat on exams in order to get through dolphin school. This trivia/stealth game is delightful, super dolphiny, and completely absurd.

Jonathan (Business Development)
Walden by Game Innovation Lab
Looks cold
A game where you are Henry David Thoreau, and also possibly a high school English student’s worst nightmare. Translating Walden from a book into a game is an impressive feat yet this team is doing it.

Overall impressions? IndieCade is a great show, it has its own niche and it knows what it’s doing. We’re excited to check it out again next year.

Welcome to Fig!

As someone who’s been entrenched in the gaming industry for the past decade, I’ve been able to watch the evolution in game development and financing models that have fundamentally changed the way in which games are brought to market.  

As the COO of Double Fine, I was on the front lines of finding and adopting new funding models that enabled the studio to stay independent and retain creative control. It was exciting to see all the game campaigns raising millions of dollars through crowdfunding, and to see the struggles and opportunities afforded to each of them.  I experienced the complete crowdfunding arc from campaign inception to commercial distribution. Along the way, we were transparent with our community and we learned a ton in the process – which is good, because there was a lot to learn!

During those years, Tim, Brian, Feargus, and I all heard from a bunch of independent developers who wanted to know if crowdfunding was the right avenue for them. When crowdfunding made sense for these developers, they also sought our feedback on their campaigns, assistance getting the word out, and endorsements and promotional support of their games. We noticed after a while that the majority of games that were succeeding with crowdfunding were the very games that we helped advise – this was exhilarating! But one thing that didn’t occur was a year-over-year growth of crowdfunding to support bigger and more complex games, nor was there a way for talented developers without existing communities to get discovered, and this lead to an alarming number of crowdfunding campaign failures.

It was parallel to this that I met another game financing pioneer, Aaron Isaksen, Co-creator of the Indie Fund, a group of successful indie developers who project finance other developer’s games – and they are quite possibly the most successful investment group in games. The two models seemed complementary, and Aaron and I spent a great deal of time figuring out how project financing and crowdfunding could work harmoniously together.

Fig comes at an important time – the stakes have never been higher! Crowdfunding is evolving to allow for project-based investing by fans, and Oculus shows the potential of this approach.  Most of the developers we talked to want their customers to be invested in their games—it’s a way to get more involved with their community and to give back to those who gave to you.

That’s why we’ve taken what has been the ‘one size fits all’ model of crowdfunding – one that currently covers everything from taxidermy to interpretive dance – and created a platform that’s just for games.  It’s why Tim, Brian, Alex, and Feargus – each of whom have run some of the largest crowdfunding campaigns, and delivered some of the most successful games, are a vital part of our board of advisors.  It’s why we’re so passionate about allowing gamers the option to invest in our platform’s titles.

By coupling investment based crowdfunding with a strategy to build and retain a lasting community, Fig has the potential to grow crowdfunding in games into a healthy and self-sustaining ecosystem. Together with our advisors –  the creators who’ve helped influence and evolve the whole crowdfunding medium – we’ve envisioned a new model where studios can stay independent, new talent can be discovered, and profits can be shared with the fans and investors who’ve helped them along the way.

Each and every new campaign we launch is an opportunity to try new things within the funding ecosystem for games and learn from our community. We’re excited about our latest campaign, Anchors in the Drift, and can’t wait to share more with you.