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October Wrap-up

Happy Halloween! We’re wrapping up another busy month as we unwrap Halloween candy and cram it into our faces. This month was filled with ups and downs, lots of work and lots of fun, too! Let’s start by checking out some of the developer updates from this month:

Our own Justin Woodward traveled to TwitchCon this month to spread the word about the upcoming video game version of the popular board game, Flash Point: Fire Rescue from RetroEpic! During the livestream, they played the original board game version as well as the Steam version (which you should totally add to your Steam wishlist so you can be notified the moment it releases!). You can enjoy the archive of the livestream here.

We hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

Introducing Obelus

In Obelus, an arcade combat side-scroller, you’ll play as Dave, an interplanetary insurance salesman who travels the galaxy fighting aggressive fauna with your trusty corporation-approved mech AI. Obelus questions the effects of AI and big data on humanity as our world becomes more reliant on technology.

As you explore the furthest reaches of space to find the last few uninsured members of humanity, you realize the AI seems to be a little too manipulative. It no longer seems like it’s there to help you on your journey…

As an accomplished musician, the developer plans to score the game as if it were a movie, without relying on repeating the same few tracks over and over throughout, giving each event matching accompaniment. Check out the campaign page to listen to a couple of the 80s synth inspired songs that will accompany Obelus. Check out the campaign page here!

Currently on Fig

Crazy Justice, a third person, cel-shaded, fast-paced shooter will come to Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One! With many different modes, missions and maps that span the globe, players are sure to enjoy Crazy Justice

Pre Orders Now Open


The campaign for Virgo vs The Zodiac has ended with 196% funding! Thanks to all who helped make this campaign a success! If you missed your chance to back this project during the campaign, Slacker Backer is now available, and you can even download the demo from for free. If you have any feedback or questions about the campaign or demo, feel free to post a message for the developer in the comments section of the campaign page.



September Wrap-up

Earlier this month, we attended PAX West in Seattle, where Swery hosted a panel to announce The Good Life campaign! If you weren’t able to see the panel in person, you can catch it on Twitch.

At the MIX indie game showcase during PAX we showed off Bounty Battle, Trackless, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Kingdoms and Castles, and KnightOut. Lots of people came out to play these awesome games, and Trackless was chosen as Best of Show runner up! Congrats to the developer!

September was a productive month for our current campaigns as well as games in development. Here are the developer updates you may have missed:

Which game are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

Travel the world and save humanity in Crazy Justice!

Crazy Justice is a third-person multiplayer shooter in cel-shaded style with steampunk elements, created by Black Riddles Studio Ltd. Play as a hero and save the world from the forces of evil! Complete dozens of missions, find new heroes, gather new special weapons and eliminate the steampunk hordes. Immerse yourself in a beautifully detailed, cel-shaded steampunk world, spanning locations across the globe, from the alleys of New York to Egypt or even the North Pole! Check out the campaign page!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Atari to develop and publish two new games: a reboot of one of Atari’s most beloved intellectual properties and a new one from Atari. Read the news here and stay tuned for more details!

Trackless, an atmospheric first-person exploration and puzzle game set in the distant future, is now available on Steam!

Flash Point: Fire Rescue will soon make its way to Steam! RetroEpic has teamed up with Indie Boards and Cards to bring the critically acclaimed board game, Flash Point: Fire Rescue to PC! Make sure to add the game to your Steam wishlist today.

August Wrap-up

It’s our anniversary! This month marks two years since Fig launched its first campaign and we have some highlights to share with you, plus some info about upcoming events!

  • We published our first game, Kingdoms and Castles, and used all the marketing data we’ve accumulated to help make it commercially successful, earning investors a 2X return.
  • Bounty Battle, a Super Smash Bros. inspired fighting game, was just funded this month and features main characters from other indie games such as Darkest Dungeon, Awesomenauts, Psychonauts, Guacamelee!, Nuclear Throne, Axiom Verge, Gang Beasts and more!
  • Our newsletter now has more than 100,000 subscribers!
  • We’ve funded the majority of large projects since the beginning of 2016:

We’re so grateful for all of our supporters for helping us get to where we are today – thank you!

This weekend, we’re heading to Seattle for PAX West but we didn’t want to leave anyone hanging, so here are the developer updates you may have missed from the month of August:

On Friday night (9/1), we will be at the MIX Showcase at PAX West where we will be showing Bounty Battle, Trackless, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Kingdoms and Castles, and KnightOut. If you’re at PAX, stop by, say hello, and play some games with us! Tickets for the MIX event are totally free and you can register on their website.

On Saturday, SWERY (Hidetaka Suehiro) will be doing a PAX panel where he’ll be giving more details about his Fig campaign for The Good Life, a mystery RPG where everyone turns to cats at night.

Not at PAX? No problem! The panel will be livestreamed on Twitch at 4:30 PST and the full campaign will be open to the public at that time. Check it out!