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Bring myth to life in Nightmarchers

All but destroyed by an event known as the great thunder, Oahu is in disarray. It’s up to you to restore order as factions struggle for survival in Nightmarchers, an open world RPG shooter coming to PC.

Work your way through this expansive, story-driven game filled with intense and varied combat, complex characters, and difficult decisions that affect the entire world of Nightmarchers. Learn fantastic new abilities as you discover the secrets of Hawaii’s mystical past, all while keeping a watchful eye on the powerful Nightmarchers who protect the island.

Features include:

  • Deep, branching, narrative, based on player choice and consequence
  • Over fifty skills
  • Fully customizable weapons system
  • Authentic Hawaiian locations and story
  • Dynamic game play that adjusts to your level and game decisions
  • Over fifty outposts to conquer

From myths and legends to landmarks and stories only the locals know, visit the authentic world of Nightmarchers, now live on Fig!