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Fig went to Day of the Devs and Played ALL THE THINGS

This past weekend, our friends at Double Fine hosted their third annual Day of the Devs, a celebration of indie games wrapped inside of a cool Dia de los Muertos-themed day-long event. After a billion years working on gaming events I’ve developed a condition wherein if I hear someone needs help at an event I must appear (It’s a thing. Really).

Below are some highlights from Day of the Devs. Check it out:

An inadvertently artsy silhouette of Tim Schafer opening the show


Our friends at Mobius showed off the latest build of Outer Wilds. (Spoiler alert: It is awesome and people are gonna love this game when it’s released!)


The show was packed! Look at all these humans!


Other highlights included watching how much fun people had while playing Cuphead (seriously this game looks amazing), playing Rising Thunder, and battling it out in Gangbeasts.
If you’ve got some favorite games or photos from Day of the Devs, share them in the comments!