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The 18 Greatest Golf Games of All Time

Somewhat recently (and completely apropos of nothing) we decided to make a list of the 18 greatest golf video games of all time. The next time you find yourself craving a golf game, consult this list and then just go straight to number one and play that one. It’s the greatest golf game of all time, why waste your time with the rest?

  1. Sid Meier’s SimGolf – Of all the golf games with a person’s name at the beginning of the title, this is one of them.

  1. Mario Golf World Tour – Because you can play as Waluigi! WAAAAAAHHHHHH!

  1. Golf (NES) – This one’s a classic so we felt obligated to include it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  1. Hal’s Hole in One Golf – Okay fine, we never played this one but it’s from the same devs who made the Kirby games and the Mother series so this is probably good, right?

  1. Mean 18 – This game was on DOS, remember DOS? Those were the days…

  1. Kirby’s Dream Course – Originally released on SNES, this is barely even golf, which is great because golf isn’t really that fun. Oh, were you reading this list, thinking we like golf this whole time? Awkward

  1. Golf Story – Mixing wacky RPG elements really makes this game more video game-y and less golf-y. Considered to be “almost the Seinfeld of video games.” Recommended!

  1. CyberTiger – Probably a fine golf game, but we really only put this on the list as a warning to anyone who wanted to play a game about a cybernetic tiger. You will not find any in this game. Not recommended.

  1. Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf – The only game on this list endorsed by the US National Video Game Team.

  1. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am – You should probably play this one while drunk. Unless you’re reading this and you’re not 21. Then you should wait until you’re 21, get drunk, then play it.

  1. Ghetto Golf – We’re pourin’ one out for this game since it never saw the light of day.

  1. Ribbit King – This game is based on a fictional sport called frolf, which is golf, but with frogs. CLEVER.

  1. Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge – “Welcome to Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge. I am Carvallo. Now, choose a club. (Beep) You have chosen a three wood. May I suggest a putter? (Beep) Three wood. Now enter the force of your swing. I suggest feather touch. (Beep, beep, beep) You have entered “power drive”. Now, push seven eight seven to swing.” (Beep beep beep). “Ball is in…parking lot. Would you like to play again? (Beep) You have selected, “No.”

  1. Golf of War – Even though it hasn’t been released, we know the 8th installment of this franchise will be the best one yet! The decision to switch from an action adventure style to a golf game is a strange one but we know it will be good wholesome fun, just like its predecessors.

  1. Mar-a-Lago: Shithole in One – Despite the setting being only the 2nd largest mansion in the state of Florida, Shithole in One is a delight! The only #fakenews you’ll see here is the size of Trump’s hands. ZING!

  1. PUTTG A multiplayer online battle royale golf game developed and published by PUTTG Corporation, a subsidiary of Korean publisher Golfhole. The game is based on previous mods that were developed by Brendan “PutterUnknown” Green for other games using the the 2000 film Happy Gilmore for inspiration, and expanded into a standalone golf game under Green’s creative direction.

  1. Jay & Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Putt Funded on Fig in March of 2016, Interabang Entertainment brings us the ultimate stoner golf game! With the recent New Jersey medical marijuana laws going into effect, Jay and Silent Bob convert the mall’s mini golf course into a dispensary. Putt, putt, pass!


  1.  WHAT THE GOLF? is the Greatest Golf Game of ALL TIME! The folks over at Triband (makers of the amazing Keyboard Sports) know nothing about golf but at least they know how to make a super fun not-golf game about golf! WHAT THE GOLF? features:
  • More than 50 surprising new golf mechanics
  • Will not make you a better golfer
  • Made by people who know nothing about golf
  • First, and hopefully the last game that lets you golf a horse

Whether you hate golf or just strongly dislike it, WHAT THE GOLF? offers a little something for everyone! GO NOW and check out the campaign page!


Bring myth to life in Nightmarchers

All but destroyed by an event known as the great thunder, Oahu is in disarray. It’s up to you to restore order as factions struggle for survival in Nightmarchers, an open world RPG shooter coming to PC.

Work your way through this expansive, story-driven game filled with intense and varied combat, complex characters, and difficult decisions that affect the entire world of Nightmarchers. Learn fantastic new abilities as you discover the secrets of Hawaii’s mystical past, all while keeping a watchful eye on the powerful Nightmarchers who protect the island.

Features include:

  • Deep, branching, narrative, based on player choice and consequence
  • Over fifty skills
  • Fully customizable weapons system
  • Authentic Hawaiian locations and story
  • Dynamic game play that adjusts to your level and game decisions
  • Over fifty outposts to conquer

From myths and legends to landmarks and stories only the locals know, visit the authentic world of Nightmarchers, now live on Fig!

Introducing Earth Romancer, a New Fighting Game from Lunar Hare Studios!

Earth Romancer is a frenetic and complex platform fighter that combines intense bullet-hell gameplay with robust combo systems for a unique experience. Set to a JRPG aesthetic and a fantastic orchestral score, Earth Romancer aims to be an unlikely combination of spectacle and intricacy aiming to shake up the landscape of competitive fighters.

Taking inspiration from Smash Bros. and Marvel vs. Capcom, Earth Romancer has a vibrant, JRPG aesthetic and features two modes of fighting for every character.

“As a designer I’ve taken inspiration from every competitive fighting game I’ve ever played. From Melty Blood to Marvel vs. Capcom, you can bet Earth Romancer will be fun for any type of player,” describes Thomas Luvan, lead developer for the game. “We’re combining the pick-up-and-play aspect of platform brawlers with the high-flying spectacle and flashy goodness from traditional fighters! We’re also making sure the game keeps a vibrant aesthetic. Everything from the characters to the soundtrack have deep inspirations from old-school surreal platformers and classic fantasy RPGs.”

Taking inspiration from Smash Bros. and Marvel vs. Capcom, Earth Romancer has a vibrant, JRPG aesthetic and features two modes of fighting for every character. From hyperspace roads to wandering terraformers, Lunar Hare Studios will merge sci-fi and fantasy concepts to create an inspiring canvas for years to come. Help them create a world that ignites the imagination of players everywhere. Features include: 

  • Dash or jump through projectiles for intense bullet-hell style fighting!
  • Spawn stage additions upon losing stocks to adjust the environment to your advantage!
  • Character-specific air actions make sure every character moves in a unique way.
  • Two modes of play! Choose Redshift or Blueshift modes or play a combination of both and switch mid-combat.
  • Special 2/3 and 3/5 set modes make counterpicking stages and characters a breeze.

Earth Romancer will ship on PC and consoles and will be tournament ready upon release. You can now pre-order the game, purchase reward bundles, or invest in Fig securities that earn a return based on the game’s future sales – check out the campaign page for more info! 

November Wrap-up      

November has come and gone and we are so thankful to work with such talented developers! Here’s what they’ve been up to this month:

Currently live on Fig, Obelus by Springloaded is about an insurance salesman named Dave who travels the galaxy in a mech trying to reach the last few uninsured members of humanity. If you could travel around in a mech, what would it look like? Design or build your own mech and win some Steam codes and a Fig t-shirt! Check out our previous blog post for details on how to enter.

Popcannibal has announced that Make Sail backer beta codes will be sent out soon! Backers, be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for a code. If you didn’t back the game, be sure to add the game to your Steam wishlist so you can be notified when the game is released.

We’re always looking for feedback on campaigns so don’t be shy! Sign up for our Backstage Pass program and be the first to see campaigns before they go public on Fig.

If you’re a developer looking for funding, pitch us your game! We accept pitches for games at any stage and if you have questions about pitching or campaign info, don’t hesitate to reach out and send us an email. We look forward to working with you!

Design a Mech Contest

In Obelus, you’ll play as Dave, an interplanetary insurance salesman, travelling and fighting aggressive fauna across the galaxy with no one but your trusty corporation approved mech AI for company. If you could travel around in your own mech, what would it look like? Now’s your chance to create one! The person who designs the best mech wins a Fig t-shirt and codes for all of our currently available games on Steam: Kingdoms & Castles, Trackless, and Solstice Chronicles: MIA!

We made our mech out of LEGOs, but you can design or build yours any way you’d like – the more creative, the better! To enter, snap a photo and post it to Facebook and tag us, or tweet it to us on Twitter.

Submissions will be accepted until the end of the Obelus campaign on Friday, December 7th at 6pm PST. Have fun and may the best mech win!